Monday, April 21, 2008

Our most recent meeting....

First I'd like to say I was very encouraged by the discussion that we all shared yesterday. As I surveyed the group of people there, one by one (no, I'm not a good listener, more of a drifter) I saw a true uniqueness in each one of you, specifically as it related to how the Kingdom of God can be shown and shared. A diverse group, but singing harmonies of the same song. It was awesome.

Okay, sorry, enough of the poetry - off to the prose:

Let's share some ideas here for meeting again on Sunday, May 4th. I'd also like to hear some ideas for getting together in more of a communal sense (maybe every other meeting?), to give from our hearts and get to know each other.

As far as our 'normal' meetings (there's got to be a better name than that)

Meeting at another house/switching off - Jim/Joy?
Meeting at an alternative location: Gilbert Rec Center

So far what's in the works for our 'other' meetings:

The Burrito Project

Sunday mornings with the hungry - Jamie or Adam, can you get an address for this? Maybe an icon on our blog that's permanent? (A chance for Adam to make something pretty with his beloved 'Mac')

Please comment with possible alternatives or other ideas. Looking forward to next time already.