Monday, April 21, 2008

Our most recent meeting....

First I'd like to say I was very encouraged by the discussion that we all shared yesterday. As I surveyed the group of people there, one by one (no, I'm not a good listener, more of a drifter) I saw a true uniqueness in each one of you, specifically as it related to how the Kingdom of God can be shown and shared. A diverse group, but singing harmonies of the same song. It was awesome.

Okay, sorry, enough of the poetry - off to the prose:

Let's share some ideas here for meeting again on Sunday, May 4th. I'd also like to hear some ideas for getting together in more of a communal sense (maybe every other meeting?), to give from our hearts and get to know each other.

As far as our 'normal' meetings (there's got to be a better name than that)

Meeting at another house/switching off - Jim/Joy?
Meeting at an alternative location: Gilbert Rec Center

So far what's in the works for our 'other' meetings:

The Burrito Project

Sunday mornings with the hungry - Jamie or Adam, can you get an address for this? Maybe an icon on our blog that's permanent? (A chance for Adam to make something pretty with his beloved 'Mac')

Please comment with possible alternatives or other ideas. Looking forward to next time already.


Jimbo said...

Joy and I really enjoyed the discussion as well. I think this is exactly what we are looking for/needing right now. We'll definitely be looking forward to meeting again. We even picked up a copy of "Irresistible Revolution" today. What chapter has most of the group read thru?

May 4th works for us. If you would like to use our home for meeting, we'd be happy to accomodate. Here's our address:
1904 E. Fairfield St.
Mesa, AZ 85203
We also have daughters who can babysit.

I am going out to do video/grilling burgers for the homeless tonight. If anyone is interested in seeing what we are doing, you are welcome to drop by. We are at Circle K on corner of Broadway & Extension every Tuesday night between 10PM-12AM.

jamie said...

Sweet! We've read through chapter eight, but there really is no hurry. We aren't going through it very thoroughly, just talking about it enough to get the conversation going.

Arizona Bam said...

Thanks for the great offer on hosting next Jim & Joy! Let's go for it! I've made the change on the homepage... so now it has to happen;-)

Also, thanks for the heads-up on your Circle K adventures... I'm going to check that out sometime.

I know Trish has some activities brewing in terms of spending time and giving of ourselves to those in need, so expect to hear some more about those ideas soon.

trishasuzanne said...

Hello my fellow emergents! It was great seeing you all of Sunday, and I'm looking forward to meeting again May 4.

I've been in contact with the Phoenix Rescue Mission about serving dinner to our brothers and sisters in need of a good meal, and they have put us down for Sunday, May 11 from 4:15 - 6:30. We need at least six people and no more than ten. So check your calendars, and at our 5/4 meeting we can determine who will be able to serve that day.

Also, my contact at the Rescue Mission is supposed to be putting me in touch with a couple that currently does park ministry in the Phoenix area, so hopefully I'll have an update on that the next time I see you.

As I reflect on our conversations and and on what I'm reading in "The Irresistable Revolution," at times I find myself wanting to race out into the world and start living the radical life that Shane describes. And then other times, I'm completely overwhelmed, and I ask myself, "How can I possibly live such a life? In fact, where do I even begin?"

But I am encouraged by Shane's words in Chapter 12: "God's kingdom grows smaler and smaller as it takes over the world." And I love what Dietrich Bonhoeffer says: "The person who loves their dream of community will destroy community (even if their intentions are ever so earnest), but the person who loves those around them will create community."

My prayer is that as we move forward, together we can put our energy into pure, genuine acts of love and service -- no matter how big or small they appear to be. By focusing on these meaningful acts of love, we won't get lost in our critique of the church or in the "movement" of the emerging church. We'll just be living more and more like Jesus and building community in the process.

trishasuzanne said...

I should mention ... if May 11 proves to be a bad day for people to serve, we can reschedule. Sunday evenings at the Phoenix Rescue Mission actually fill up pretty quickly, so I wanted to go ahead and get on their calendar. I'm hoping that even though it's Mother's Day, we'll still be able to get at least six people to go. But again, we can discuss on the 4th.

Yard said...

Trish....your energy is encouraging. The Dietrich quote calms my spirit while uplifting it at the same time. It is nice to truly come to a place where we can say "it's not about us". Freeing, but fulfilling as well.

Thanks for your footwork on the Phoenix Rescue Mission. Looking forward to some good times.

Jimbo said...

Joy initially said May 11th would be possible for us, but we need to give some time for the fact that is on Mother’s Day to sink in. This past Christmas our family went to a gift wrapping event Phoenix Rescue Mission did. It was incredible. That is a great place. I'm excited about that opportunity!

We just got back from the "Deep Shift" conference in Kansas City today. It was a pretty amazing experience. The discussion was all about realizing a new vision for the Church. One that I think a lot of us have felt has been missing.

I've just started "The Irresistible Revolution" and I'm LOVING it. That quote from Bonheoffer is great! I know we have been and often run into other people who are so much about community that they miss they are sponging it up and placing demands/expectations on those around them rather than just loving those around them.

One of the things that I’ve been struggling with this weekend (since the conference and reading the book) is yes, how the Body of Christ should be reaching out to the world in love and compassion, but so often we end up stuck rapped up in our own lives and the lives of those around us. So much of it is drama and pain and suffering that really isn’t necessary. Especially when you look at all of the blessing we have compared to persons in other parts of the world. Our lives, perspectives and priorities are just really messed up. How do we ever get this thing to move beyond that?

Yard said...

I'm feel what you're touching on here Jim...

This is kind of what I was (and still am) feeling during this thread...

I think we're on the right track though...helping those in need, even if those needs are not life threatening. It may just be (sounds too simple) that we need to deeply love, regardless of drama/circumstances.

But I certainly feel the same way, and get frustrated with this american life. I bounce between trying to change it and just wanting to leave it.

Jimbo said...

Yard, thanks for the understanding. I read your other thread and I really appreciate the things you were saying.
I guess I am struggling with this more this week than I ever have before. The conference we attended last weekend was all about awakening ourselves and faith communities to the larger global purpose of The Church, the message of Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven.
This week I read in the paper about rioting and unrest in many places in the world caused by the rising prices of food. Our government looks at it as a National Security issue. While we may be finding it harder to stretch our dollars for gas and food, we still have more than we need and the disparity between the wealthy and poor continues to grow.
Last night I talked with a homeless guy named Allen. We were talking about how much he relies on God each day for food and safety. He has much more of a dependence on God than I do. What he said was, “God provides for me, and here you are to share with me what you can”. I didn’t have much to give him, but to him it came from God.
Then this morning on a radio station I hear how Christians are protesting in Florida because they want to be able to buy a special “I Believe” license plate with a Cross on it. I’m sorry, but that just seems like such a messed up thing to be protesting, especially with the other social and economic crisis we have in this world.
I think you were onto something tho in your other thread. We’ve got to start somewhere awakening to the world we live in and then taking one small step of compassion. Maybe others will eventually join us on this journey of awakening and compassion as well.

jamie said...

I often think it is the homeless who minister to us.

Jimbo said...

I agree. I think they know God better than we do.

Kel and Karla said...

Greetings, we just wanted to let y'all know we are waiting in the wings and supporting Emerging Desert with prayer. Karla and I live near downtown Phoenix, and we're bus people, at least for a season. Mesa on a Sunday is next to impossible by bus (in fact the valleymetro site says it can't be done). However, we are watching for other opportunities to be with you. This is especially since Emergent is NOT doing the gathering in Glorietta in 2008 which has been a major sustenance for us each year. We need you guys. If by chance anyone else lives near 15th Ave and McDowell and could pick us up, please let us know. Love, Kel and Karla
kelvick at gmail dot com

Forsetti1063 said...

Today was rich and rewarding... I really am grateful to have spent time with all of you, and look forward to seeing you again soon!

jamie said...

Scott is was great meeting you too. Glad you came to our group.

Kel and Karla said...

We are sad we missed you. Scott was uber kind and offered to give us a ride, however we were ill. We're better now. See you next time...

Jimbo said...

Joy and I hadn't heard any more about servering at Phoenix Rescue Mission on Sunday, May 11 4:15 - 6:30. Is it still happening? Do we just meet there? I'm assuming it is the one at 1801 S 35th Ave, Phoenix is that correct?
We have the volunteer form to fill out, is there anything else we need to bring?

trishasuzanne said...

Hi Jim and Joy ... I'm sorry that you didn't get the info about the Phoenix Rescue Mission. I emailed you but must have mis-typed your email address. We're meeting down there at 4:15. Bring your volunteer form, and wear close-toed shoes. See you this afternoon!