Friday, July 31, 2009

I am because we are...

Heya friends,

I stumbled upon a really beautiful blog post over on by Erin Crisp. The article is about how kids in America don't like going to school compared to kids in Kenya, but I thought the theme of the post was applicable to so much in our lives. Check it out!
“They do not understand that ‘I am because we are, and we are because I am.'"

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stop Hunger Now

Heya friends,
I mentioned the Food for the Hungry breakfast and packing event when we met on Sunday. If you are interested in joining me, shoot me an email or call or text or twitter or knock on my door...they want to know in advance if anyone is coming, but don't let that stop you if you are a last minute kind of person.
The event will be:
Tuesday, July 28th
Food for the Hungry US
1224 E Washington
Phoenix, AZ 85034
7:30am – Light Breakfast
8:00-8:45 – Presentation from Stop Hunger Now and hands on packing event
8:45-9:00 – Opportunities for future involvement in Operation Sharehouse – Phoenix

Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Book Chapters Online

I just discovered that the first two chapters of our new book, A Deadly Misunderstanding, are available online at Barnes and Noble. If, like me, you haven't purchased a copy or are waiting for it to arrive you can do this week's reading online.

In order to view all of Chapters 1 and 2, and not just the first 2 pages of each, it asks you to sign in to your Barnes and Noble account. For those that don't want to create their own, they can use a dummy one I created just for this purpose:

sign in: roaring[underscore]shrimp[at]yahoo[dot]com
password: emdesbooks

Sign in here.

A Deadly Misunderstanding B&N

Make sure to sign in first. Click on the "See Inside" graphic on top of the book cover graphic.

Hope this helps!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bee Bee Queue

You certainly don't have to call him Papa, but just so you know, most people do. He's been gracious enough to open his home/pool/bbq for us to gather. Should be a great time. Adam posted a map and directions over there (and down a bit, "next gathering") >>>>>

I'm posting this little nugget so that us regulars can semi-coordinate what food to bring to make it an official EmDes meal. And you know those never disappoint.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

No Gathering This Week & THE NEW BOOK!


ALRIGHT!! Just to get it up here on the blog as well... There will be no gathering tomorrow (Sun. July 5th) due to rampant out-of-town-ness and holidays, etc.

We will be meeting next week out in Gilbert for our final week of free-flow conversation before we dig into our new discussion book. (Heather's dad, Bryan, is graciously opening up his house + pool for our cohort while we allow the Schroeder's a chance to get their feet under themselves following their travels). More details to come...

Speaking of our new book - it's been decided!:

A Deadly Misunderstanding by Mark D. Siljander

After 20 votes (way to go everybody!), Siljander's book came out on top by a narrow two-vote margin. So, if you're interested in reading along with the cohort, go ahead and pick-up/order your copy soon as we plan to kick-off the book discussion during our July 19th gathering.

It also seems like it would make sense to declare Bell & Golden's, Jesus Wants to Save Christians, our "next-next" book so that we won't have to go through this whole process again in a few months:-) Objections/comments?

See you next week in Gilbert!