Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our Gathering

I was wondering, what was everyone's experience at our last gathering? We took an opportunity to share communion together and sing some worship songs together. To me, it felt like a very normal thing for us to do together. I really appreciated the songs that Adam and Tara picked and their giftedness. When Tara began singing the first song, I found myself very emotionally stirred (choked up). Quite honestly, I was very surprised that I'd felt that.

Now after beginning to read Exiles (yes Joy and I finally got our copy of the book), that meeting seemed like a perfect transitioning into this book. So far I've gotten thru the first and second chapters and it has been very interesting. I really like the perspective of Jesus the Exile in the second chapter. Much of what I've read helps me see the reality and humanness of Jesus that I think I often don't want to look closely enough at. Joy and I were also talking about how we often look at the writers of the New Testament as deities as well. Not really considering how these guys were just as much human and struggled with themselves, relationships, etc as we do. If we thought more from that perspective when reading the Epistles, what would they say to us?

I am really excited about talking about this book at our next gathering. I've been wrestling alot with this concept of being an exile and I'm looking forward to hearing what others get from this idea.

Unfortunately, I have some bad news...the wheat beer is all gone. I poured a glass for a guest yesterday and got the last few drops. The good news however is I've already picked up another batch and started a Honey Brown ale which has a taste similar to New Castle. However, it won't be ready for our next meeting, so we will have to drink something bought from the store. Sorry about that, I need to get my brewing timing down better.


maventheavenger aka jamie said...

Jim, don't ever apologize for asking us to bring beer to ED. It's our pleasure. :)
I really enjoyed the "additions" to the group as well. Tara and Adam are gifted, and I felt blessed to hear them. The communion was something I don't experience but rarely, so I would love to do that every time we gather.

Sheri said...

Thank you for opening your home and welcoming in strangers. I have really enjoyed the people and discussion and plan to continue coming! Communion is very fitting. I have been thinking through the actions and meaning again and when its appropriate would love to share them. Exiles is great. Many lessons to hear and learn! Thank you again - we'll see you soon.

Debbie said...

Joy & Jim - Yes thank you for opening your home! The last gathering was wonderful (my first experience) and I do look forward to attending more. Communion & worship songs are natural, normal exchanges amongst Christians and a vital part of the conversation.

Exiles is an intriguing book, a great selection. If you have enjoyed the first two chapters then you will enjoy the next two even more.

As I said, I do look forward to the next gathering. It will be a pleasure to bring along some good beer and wine to share with new friends. Again thanks....