Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rob Bell resources

Hey guys,

I stumbled across this resource a few years ago and just remembered it so I figured I'd share it with you all. This guy has been compiling online Rob Bell resource for awhile and regularly edits this post (the post says 2006, but was updated only a few weeks ago) so I check back regularly.It's got pretty much every interview Rob has ever done and some extra goodies.

I highly recommend the videos of Rob's guest messages at Willow Creek (about halfway down, right underneath the big video of his face in the Video section). Every one of them is mindblowingly awesome. These are some of his best messages, and a lot of ideas for the Noomas (and The Gods Aren't Angry) have come out of them. I think my two favorites are Between the Trees and A Day of Atonement. Watch them when you can and let me know which ones you liked best!

And before I forget to copy the link:
Rob Bell - Solar Crash

For those of you who have already stumbled across this, I apologize =)

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cool, thanks for linking me!