Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Gathering

Adam and I are really excited to have everyone over to our place next week for our Easter gathering!

We'll be having breakfast together outside, so please leave a comment on this post with what you plan to bring. Please don't stress about this too much-- it's fine if we have some duplicates-- I am just trying to avoid us having ten plates of the same thing. :-) And if you can't bring anything, don't worry. Please join us!

We will plan on providing the coffee and juice and whatever else I decide to make based on what everyone else is bringing.

Also, please feel free to comment with any ideas that you may have for our gathering, whether that be a reading, activity, song, etc. Since we will all be together, perhaps we can come up with a way to incorporate our wonderful kiddos? Our loose plan for the morning looks something like this: Everyone arrives, the kids can run around outside while the adults reflect on Lent, share some readings, music, etc. Then we can do [insert something creative here] with the kids and then eat together. Plans subject to change if better ideas come along. :-)

Lastly, there was talk of an egg hunt for the little ones. If that's something that we want to do, my suggestion is that parents of participating kids bring some eggs to contribute...?

I think those are all of the logistical items-- whew! Again, we are very much open to your ideas so please share away. Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday.

* Photo courtesy of VirgoMerry on flickr.


Thorn-67 said...

Hey...I am planning to bring a Egg brunch dish (kinda like a quiche)
I can't wait to get see you all on Sunday! Thanks again for hosting. (o:

tasia said...

I'll bring deviled eggs!

carrie said...

I'll bring baked french toast.

stacymichelle said...

I am going to try sooo hard to make it. I will bring choc. chip cookies, because thinking outside the typical the breakfast box = awesome.

Stacey said...

i'll bring muffins or some type of pastry dish. i can bring some plastic eggs for the kids as well if you need.