Tuesday, June 30, 2009


For anyone interested in the Laundry project.

Yesterday I talked to Matt who is the owner of Laundromat on Main St in downtown Mesa.

He was very open to us helping out the community and paying for laundry once a month and even offered to provide discount on some of the wash machines as well to help out. I mentioned some possible days and times, he just said to give him a heads up a few days in advance so he can make sure he can be there as well in case we need anything.
I'm thinking like the first Thursday in the month 7-9PM (normal close is 10PM - Matt said he could stay open an hour later if we needed). Since this Thur is too soon to start, I'm thinking August 6th. That will give us some time to create a few bi-lingual posters for neighborhood businesses and some fliers to handout to appartments, etc in the area (he was okay with this as well).
Any thoughts?


maventheavenger aka jamie said...

Jim! That's awesome! I agree, the sixth sounds great! How'd you find this one?

Jimbo said...

We stopped by it on Saturday and found no one there, but there was an emergency phone number. Joy googled and found laundry org in AZ with board and members which listed this laundry and phone# matched. So, I gave him a call.

Sarah said...

Jim - this sounds amazing. The 6th sounds good, and if you like Ron and I will do what we can to get together some Spanish-language stuff (we'll contact Zack first to see if they already have some stuff). Let us know if that would be helpful.

Again, HUGE thanks to you and Joy for taking the lead on this! Awesome!

Stacey said...

Fabulous. Thanks for getting this going - sounds great.

Debbie said...

Looking forward to the 6th... thanks for working Joy and Jim on this project and pulling things together.