Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bee Bee Queue

You certainly don't have to call him Papa, but just so you know, most people do. He's been gracious enough to open his home/pool/bbq for us to gather. Should be a great time. Adam posted a map and directions over there (and down a bit, "next gathering") >>>>>

I'm posting this little nugget so that us regulars can semi-coordinate what food to bring to make it an official EmDes meal. And you know those never disappoint.


Yard said...

From Debbie - still having trouble commenting (come on Blogger, get your crap together)

"...I'll bring along a big bowl of fresh strawberries & some homemade choc brownies..."


Tara said...

We'll be bringing some chicken sausages to grill as well as a few drinks.

Yard said...

We'll bring the buns & fixin's (said with a "down home" accent) for the sausages and Papa's chicken & burgers.

Debbie said...

Got my blog thing back!