Sunday, August 23, 2009

recent post by mcclaren

Did anyone else read this post by McClaren? In it he pairs a heartbreaking (short) clip from an interview with theologian John Goldingay and a poignant quote from Richard Rohr regarding people learning to trust themselves.
Please take just a few moments to check it out.


maventheavenger aka jamie said...

oh, and by the way, you can subscribe to short daily email thoughts from Richard Rohr at the website of the Center of Action and Contemplation.

Yard said...

I didn't really understand the interview. I guess I need more background? (yes, heartbreaking about his wife though...)

The blurb by Rohr about trusting one's self is spot on. That inner compass is many times snuffed out while we try to explain it to the head. The priority of respect in our culture is certainly head then heart. We need to balance that back out.

maventheavenger aka jamie said...

The beginning of the clip he was talking about using scripture as worship instead of analyzing it during the sermon. The more I read about the early church, the more I see we have lost the gift of absorbing scripture in that way. Allowing it to truly change our hearts and soak into our lives by the way we approach it.
In your studies at seminary, is this issue ever addressed?

carrie said...

Rohr's commentary so accurately describes my journey over the past year, and his words clarify it for me. It's such a scary thing to yourself. I hope I can learn to do it, and help my kids learn too.

Scripture as worship is another thing I've been experimenting with. In the past I always used it more as a "how to" guide. If I needed an answer to a problem or was struggling with a choice to make, I was always looking to the Bible for an answer. Lately I've been trying out this Lectio Divina (not sure if I spelled that right) scriptural meditation, and it's been very profound to be able to give the scriptures the freedom to speak to my heart in a new way.

maventheavenger aka jamie said...

Carrie, I really think that is amazing. I read a book about Ancient/Future Worship and it really talked about that idea of using scripture as worship instead of as something to analyze. I think that is really missing in a lot of Protestant denominations.