Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lectio Divina

Hey all...I thought you might like to read this great article on practicing Lectio Divina. The second half of the article addresses how to adapt the exercise for a group setting. I'm looking forward to practicing with our group tomorrow. Thanks for being open to this.

~ Carrie

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Thorn-67 said...

Carrie...I totally appreciated the Lectio. The scripture reference was a tough one...but...I am glad. I tend to want to ignor the stuff Jesus says that's hard or that I have learned to understand in a way that is repellant to me today. I am NOT actively reading the bible at the moment and I am not sure when I will. BUT, doing the Lectio during EmDes exposed me to just was perfect. It the right amount of Bible...shared in the context of my honest open and real community...exactly what I needed