Friday, September 4, 2009

Em Des BBQ

Don't forget we are doing BBQ and swimming with our friends this weekend.
We (Schroeders and Oralia) will supply the meats (hot dogs, hamburgers and brats), buns and condiments. Please bring sides. Here are some suggestions:
Salads of all sort
- Potatoe
- Pasta
- Vegitable
- Fruit
- Bean
- Lettuce
Baked Beans
Chips & Dips
- Cookies
- Brownies
You know, the usual BBQ type stuff. If you have something you are planning on bringing, if you can comment back, then we can be sure we don't end up with 10 fruit salads.


Tara said...

We'll be there! I'll make a mean bean side dish.

Stacey said...

I'll bring some fruit.

carrie said...

We'll be there. We'll bring a bunch of chips and salsa and hummus.

DennisTessa said...

We will bring a dessert!

averyrayne said...

We'll bring a broccoli-rice casserole.