Wednesday, November 25, 2009


This Sunday (Nov 29th) is the first week of Advent. We'd talked about following the Advent season and having different people facilitate (I think we are still listening to and discussing pod casts each week as well).

So far, this is how each week of Advent is working out:

  • First Week (Nov 29th) - Theme is Hope - Sherri and Debbie already have plans in the works to facilitate this week. I'm excited to see what they've put together!

  • Second Week (Dec 6th) - Theme is Joy - We still need someone to facilitate this week. Anyone interested? We are also anticipating a visit from our dear friends from Colorado this week (Stacy Schaffer and Kathy Escobar).

  • Third Week (Dec 13th) - Theme is Peace - Gonski's have volunteered for this week. Gonski's talking about Peace...should be interesting!

  • Fourth Week (Dec 20th) - Theme is Love - My neighbor, Don Doyle (retired ASU Professor of Theatre now a professional story teller - check out his website here: - note, he also looks a lot like Santa Claus) is going to visit and tell us a story.

There are plans in the works for a Christmas Eve brunch (Dec 24th - like you don't know when Christmas Eve is) which will be hosted by Debbie. I'm sure there will be more details in the next few weeks.


Thorn-67 said...

To kick off the Advent Season...I have taken the liberty to put together a little craft for the kids (and young at heart).
It's nothing fancy...but it coordinates with the 1st Sunday of Advent theme 'HOPE'...of course!
The 'bigs' have agreed to help the smaller kids at some point in the afternoon with this project
...perhaps while we are discussing the podcast...? Heads up...glue and glitter are involved! YAY...what's a Christmas craft without glue and glitter!??
During our Advent celebration, all kids are invited and encouraged to participate in our group time.
Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Yard said...

Very cool - thanks for organizing this Jim and Joy. Looking forward to this season with EmDes.