Friday, November 20, 2009

Chili Dinner This Sunday!

Hey folks,

If you're able to make it this Sunday, you get to look forward to Debbie & Sheri's world famous White Chicken Chili!

Let's all bring something to round out the rest of the meal, if we can. Here are some ideas of what will be needed:

- chili toppings
- cornbread
- biscuits, etc
- desserts

Leave a comment here with what you plan to bring so we don't end up with 52 biscuits and no cheese (we NEED cheese:)

*Photo credit - "PotteryBarn Part Deux (Terri)"


Thorn-67 said...

I'll do the chili toppings...( cheddar, monteray jack, sour cream, green onions...)

Sarah said...

We will do brownies! (Shocking, I know!). We'll also bring a little bit of honey butter that we have in the fridge, in case anyone else is bringing either biscuits or cornbread...

Tara said...

I'll bring cornbread. Mmm!

Stacey said...

I'll bring another dessert since I can't think of anything else you really need to go with chili.

Yard said...

Heather just started whipping up a batch of homemade mac & chee. What what.

maventheavenger aka jamie said...

uhm...we'll stop at the store and get chips?