Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

We discussed Super Bowl Sunday and whether to get together or not. Appears that some are interested, so anyone who is interested is invited to come this Sunday eat some food, watch the game (or not) and enjoy each others company.
Sherri and Debbie are making Orange Pulled Pork and some BBQ chicken which will both be great for sandwhiches. I will have a fresh keg of Honey Brown Ale ready for consumption.

So, if you would like to bring something to share, suggested items are:
- Rolls, Breads, tortillas
- Side Dishes
- Other Superbowl type foods

If you want to respond back with items you're thinking of bringing, that'll help even things out.


Debbie said...

YEAHHHH A Super Bowl party with friends!

Last year was great fun! There were lots of people standing around, eating good food, laughing and having loads of fun!

Even if you don't watch the game (I certainly don't!) come and join the party.

Jim.... hummm, what time does the party of the season start?

Tara said...

We can bring some rolls for sandwiches and I'll bring some sort of appetizery-dip thing too.