Friday, April 23, 2010


As I reflect on the conversation Jim and I had in NM with our new friend Eliacin Rosario-Cruz, a Puerto Rican National currently residing in the Portland area... regarding our disdain of the lack of diversity in the context of emergence Christianity...I am struck today by his words: "To be diverse is not simply to invite the other in...and in so doing feel relieved that NOW we are a diverse group...and in that single act attempt to make the 'other' one of 'us'...Instead go out into the world of diversity around you...and learn from them...stand with them suffer with them...By doing that you will bring diversity back into your cohorts...your homes...your neighborhoods and churches.
In that wisdom and spirit...I would like to invite any of you who may be interested to join 'some' of the Schroeder Family Sunday @ 12:00pm at the State Capital in protest of the SB1070 signed into law today by Governor Jan Brewer. We plan to be home in time to host EmDes...We look forward to seeing you here or there on Sunday April 25th 12:00pm


Eliacin said...

You make me sound so smart.
My prayers are with you guys.

Thorn-67 said... are BRILLIANT!

oralia1963 said...

I want to be in both places tomorrow. Any chance more or all of us might go down to the capital and that be our emdes meeting for tomorrow?

maventheavenger aka jamie said...

I'd really like to go-I am going to try to be there.