Tuesday, November 30, 2010

reinterpretation of some parts

Brain McClaren just posted some thoughts of Herzog that reinterpret some passages of scripture that I found pretty mind blowing. Check it out here.


Yard said...

Woah! Yes very enlightening. And I like that it is short and sweet.

I'll have to do more digging into Herzog's reinterpretations. What good stuff - the parable of talents has always kind of confused me exactly in this regard!

Jimbo said...

I sure like those interpretations better. McClaren always seems to present a god I like and could find hope in.
The one I was presented in the past, I have alot of trouble believing or hoping in. If the god I had before is who he is, then I guess I give up on him.
I would love to take the time to dig into these reinterpretations as well. Would be a great start of a discussion/debate.