Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Still carrying the book banner

I know we "agreed" upon the Claiborne book, but I thought maybe a change of voice would be interesting as well if anyone's up for it. I've read some Kathleen Norris, and her thoughts offer insight into much of what many of us are dealing with. I especially loved her book, Amazing Grace (link to book on amazon) where she offers a redefining of Christianese terms that have been ruined for many of us.

The other week, our guest speaker was talking about her book on depression Acedia and Me, which I just ordered and can bring Sunday as well. (link to book on amazon)

I'm up for reading Claiborne still, of course, just wanted to throw it out there for responses.

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maventheavenger aka jamie said...

I read Acedia and Me. Heavy book. I kind of think we should stick to the original Shane book, but if people want to switch, I don't mind.