Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Emerging Desert BBQ at the Mac's

Hey Everybody!

Let's just admit that summer is here, and kick it off with a little grilled food, shall we?

aaaaahhhhh......(no, that's not my jobsite, it's Dubai - but uncanny right?)

Everybody bring a little somethin' on the side, and we'll provide the meat (chicken, beef, hot dogs). There will be a kiddie pool for lil' ones, and probably a friendly game of H.O.R.S.E., where Mr. Bamford can rematch my sister. Yep, she beat him....or was it P.I.G.? Either way, a little embarrassing :-0

Saturday, May 24th

three nine oh two south mandarin way
eight five two nine seven

See you then!

photo cred - Shaolin Tiger


Arizona Bam said...

Arr arr arr, wiseguy... haven't you ever heard of goin' easy on your friend's little sister??? zeesh. [ok, yes, she beat me].

The real issue here is that in your haste to publicly DEFAME me, you failed to mention A DATE & TIME for your proposed festivities! Care to share...? ;-)

Yard said...

wow - color me tired. (I even had my editor-in-chief/wife look it over; fired!)

heh, I thought you'd enjoy a little razzing. Didn't I owe you one for something? I'm not very good at revenge apparently...

maventheavenger aka jamie said...

I really want to come to see Adam lose in basketball, but we have a pretty busy weekend, so I will play it by ear.

Yard said...

As soon as I put a picture of a middle eastern desert, the cold comes like we live in Seattle. Oh well...

Party is still on, looks like it should be beautiful tomorrow (High - 77)

Arizona Bam said...

The Bams are in like New Kids on the Block in 1989.