Saturday, May 31, 2008

Meeting - Sunday, June 1st

We are planning on having dinner after meeting this Sunday for anyone who can stay.
We're planning on having grilled chicken and ribs plus a potato side dish.
If anyone could bring other sides:
- Salads
- Fruit
- Veggies
- Beans
- Deserts
Would be greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately I won't have any homebrew. I did start a batch last weekend, but it is still fermenting. Should be ready by our next meeting.

Pool isn't quite warm enough for me, but kids enjoy it. So if anyone wants to bring their suit and take a dip they are welcome to.


Tara said...

We will bring some sort of dessert type thing. Thanks again for hosting- we're looking forward to it! Maybe I can convince Adam to get in the pool with Shea...

maventheavenger aka jamie said...

woot! Can't wait! I will bring something...

Yard said...

the macs have got an appetizer comin'.