Wednesday, December 3, 2008

welcome to the desert

Hey friends,
I want to draw your attention to another post by Julie Clawson. She blogs about the role of the Holy Spirit as one who draws us into the desert...tempts us, teaches us about doubt...I thought we could all find the irony in the name of our group.
The desert is a hard place - barren, empty. A place not of joy and assurance, but of desolation and doubt. It is where one goes to wrestle with God - really struggle with the hard questions that honestly have no answers.


Matt said...

I read this post earlier today and I love her writing. I was roaming the blogosphere and found an article by her on Sojourners about Survivor which was great, see here. Then I recognized her name from Jamie's post. I think anyone who can utilize a Star Trek reference is a genius.

carrie said...

To think that the Spirit could have led me here both reassures me and angers me. I don't really know what I feel or believe most of the time anymore, but I do know that I feel life in this desert, in this group. I know I'm not making that up. When we were writing words yesterday to describe how we felt...I was sure that one thing I didn't feel was 'alone.' I feel some peace about that.